Rebuilding Black Wall Street is an economic vehicle named in honor of Black Wall Street which was created in the Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma,
United States by O.W. Gurley and represented one of the most prominent concentrations of African American businesses in the United States during the early
20th century.

Let us never forget the atrocities of a white inferiorist society that destroyed a bouyant thriving, economically viable society in Tulsa, Oklahoma, US.
As such we are embarking on rebuilding such a community outside of the confines of the United States where the constitution even though states that all men
are created equal, still does not treat the Afro-American with the same respect as they do the other races.

At Rebuilding Black Wall Street we have researched several models and tested 3, narrowing the most effective model to community organization and pooling
of our resources for the economic empowerment of our people.

With this model, financial independence will be attained through group economics. Each participant will contribute towards the development of the city of
Avalon. Primarily through infrastructural development.


Estimated Current Value

The estimated current value of assets under management (AUM) is approximately 20B GYDS/100M USD.

Future Value

The future value of real estate holdings holding or assets once stabilized is estimated to be 40B GYDS/200M USD.

RBWS Holdings

RBWS holds 20B GYDS/100M USD in real estate and collateralized assets with no mortgage debt, meaning we hold the assets free and clear.


The major benefit to be derived will be ownership in an individual (4000 sq ft) house lot valued currently at 5M GYDS/25K USD from as little as
2500 USD/500K GYDS (plus account set up fee).

Access to capital to build on your land after 30-60 months of consecutive contributions of 50K GYDS/250 USD.

Access to capital for the the establishment of businesses within the community. You get to submit an expression of interest and choose from a variety
of business from soft commercial to light & heavy industrial (list of businesses will be provided).

You also get to benefit from the collective accumulated asset value of over 20B GYDS/100M USD. Open to
all conscious thinking family who wants to improve your financial outlook forever by changing the narrative of what economic
empowerment should look like.



(Send an expression of interest letter if interested in any of the developments listed below)

Middle Income Single Family Homes


Luxury Homes


Upscale Condominiums


Attached & Detached Townhomes


Upscale Restaurants


Entertainment Strips




Grocery Stores


Places of Worship




Private Hospitals




Transportation Terminals




Post Office


Other Ammenities

Many More


Managed with integrity, we aim to be known as the innovative thinkers in the era of city development as we leverage group economics to contribute positively to a
buoyant thriving economically vibrant community here in Guyana.

“If you lack confidence you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence you have won even before you have started” – Marcus Garvey


A successful entrepreneurs and business mogul. Dr. Munroe is the CEO and founder of several organizations including Guyana National Housing Trust, the first interest free
home ownership platform designed to make homeownership accessible and affordable to the masses.

Dr. Munroe is also the founder and president of one of the fastest growing luxury real estate brand in the Caribbean and South America, Fabulous Homes International Group,
a black-owned company defying the odds in this region also by extension the Fabulous Homes International School of Real Estate which operate under DBA Guyana School of Real
Estate, a platform that teaches and trains not only graduate real estate professionals, but also the unemployed and underemployed youth of the region how to build lasting
wealth using real estate as their platform.

Starting from a very very humble beginning, from a little village in Guyana, South America, working her way through school, this guru, author and philanthropist
broke into the real estate industry 20 years ago and has been defying the odds ever since.

Through the RBWS platform we can pool our funds and begin to take control of our dollars and real estate in our community we create. With prudent
development of our city we can do this while providing all our participant owners with legacy in land plus equity(rainy day money)
to pass on to the next generation.

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Let's use group economics to rebuild a thriving, economically viable, self sustaining city right here in Guyana South America.